2sSersie Blue is the founder of The Faithful Vegan and is passionate about empowering others to take personal charge of their health. She is a native of Toronto and now lives in Georgia.  She graduated from the University of Windsor with a Bachelors of Communications and from Tyndale College and Seminary with a Masters of Divinity in Counseling. She also completed the health coach certification program  at Wellcoaches at The University of North Florida. Sersie has been actively serving families and individuals in the community for the past fifteen years.  Circumstances in her own life have drawn her to develop a unique passion for health and wellness. She has a burden to reach, teach, and inspire people to be stewards of their health.

My Story

4sIf you would have told me a few years ago that I would become a vegan I would have laughed my head off. You see, not only did I have a passionate love affair with a diversity of foods that contain meat and cheese, I also thought vegans were deprived and extreme people. In the backdrop of all of this I also had a very poor relationship with food. A few years before I started my vegan journey in 2013 I was diagnosed with high blood pressure during my second pregnancy and was place on medications. My son was born very ill so as a mother I was caring for him and grieving at the same time. My life hit rock bottom when he passed away at the age of one.  At this point in my life I was depressed, I was the heaviest I had ever been in my life and I was very inactive.  Sometimes tragedy creates a deeper wedge between the body and soul.  This became evident when my need to self-medicate with food was at an all-time high.  Even though I drew very close to God during this time, there were also times I found myself reaching out to food to fill that void. I wasn’t eating to live I was living to eat. Through prayer and the support of family and friends I started to pick up the pieces little by little. I started with trying to exercise but I felt like I was fighting for every pound.  I knew that to honor my son’s life I needed to make my life a healthy one both physically and spiritually.  Therefore in hopes to nourish my soul and body I took the Daniel fast challenge offered by a friend and it was here that my road to healing began.

The Daniel fast is essential a whole food plant based diet with minimal sugars or processed food. After completing the fast for thirty days not only was I drawing closer to God but my blood pressure was regulated! My weight was shedding effortlessly and my emotional health was stable. I thought more clearly, I was no longer depressed and I had tons of energy. It became clear that how I treated my body affected my overall being. During my third pregnancy I was at optimal health and I maintained a plant based diet and guess what? No medications! Every day I would wake up more health conscious than I was the day before. I was also motivated to exercise every day. This did not happen in isolation it happened as I was trying to feed my soul! I realized that as a Christian I could no longer neglect my health. I now know that God not only cares about my growth spiritually but he also cares about my physical health!





IMG_1110Even though I had all these tangible results being the foodie that I am I still had my carnal reservations.  I was sure that my days of enjoying food were over! I also thought it was going to be way too expensive and way too hard to maintain long-term. And let’s not forget the elephant in the room “CHEEEESE!” which I deemed at the time to be the holy grail of food.  Nevertheless, I stepped out in faith despite my fears and guess what? I eat better now than I have ever eaten.  I also eat on a budget and I have been able to maintain this diet long-term. And yes, I have found ways to substitute cheese in my life. So if like me you have your doubts or reservations about transitioning to a plant based diet. Do not despair; this blog will share delicious recipes, ways to shop on a budget, tips and tools on how to maintain this lifestyle and much more!cabbage I will be the first to tell you that it’s not about being perfect but the real secret is staying on the journey. Veganism is not a destination or a cure all; it is an evolving process and a God given tool to manage health and embrace compassionate living. I am still reinventing myself, overcoming setbacks, adapting to new insights, fighting old demons and pushing forward to be the best me both spiritually and physically. The goal of this blog is to be a place of comfort, inspiration, encouragement and support for those who want to take charge of their health and develop a closer walk with God. So there it is! My blog in a nutshell; food & faith!